Michael J. Satz

State Attorney


    Michael J. Satz, a native of Pennsylvania, is a graduate of Temple University and the University of Miami’s School of Law. After graduation from law school, Mr. Satz became an assistant prosecutor in the 17th Judicial Circuit, Broward County. He quickly developed a reputation as a tough courtroom litigator specializing in the prosecution of homicide cases and other violent crimes.

Mr. Satz was elected State Attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit in November of 1976 and has been re-elected every four years since. He continues to regularly handle the prosecution of capital offenses and other serious crimes while now overseeing a staff of 500 employees, including 200 assistant prosecutors. 

 Throughout his tenure as State Attorney, Mr. Satz has responded to Broward County’s diverse crime problems by instituting specialized units within the State Attorney’s Office.  He established a Career Criminal Unit, Sexual Battery/Child Abuse Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Elderly Abuse Unit, Organized Crime/Gang Unit, Public Corruption Unit, Economic Crime Unit, Drug Trafficking Unit, Identity Theft and others to enhance the focus and expertise of prosecutors experienced in these specialized areas of the law and increase the public safety of the citizens that he serves.

 Mr. Satz also participated in the creation of Broward County’s nationally recognized Drug Court and Mental Health Court, as well as Habitual Offender Court and Domestic Violence Court. He was one of the founders of Broward’s Sexual Assault Treatment Center.

 Under Mr. Satz’s direction, the State Attorney’s Office has established a dedicated response to the needs of victims of crimes. A Victim Advocate Unit was instituted to provide victim counseling and to assist victims in recovering restitution for the crimes against them. Additionally, he expanded the Victim Advocate Unit to include a Victim Resource Center. The Victim Resource Center was created to provide a safe environment for victims and their families during all court proceedings.

 Concerned about issues and institutions that affect the people of Broward, Mr. Satz initiated grand jury investigations into the proliferation of pain clinics, Broward school construction, youth gangs, foster care, organized crime, the Broward Regional Juvenile Detention Center, the building construction and inspection industries, the Broward County Expressway Authority, mental health, child abuse and adult congregate living facilities.

 In the summer of 1999, Mr. Satz organized Broward’s first countywide Foster Care Summit. In 1995, his office sponsored the first Broward County Elder Abuse and Exploitation Seminar.

 As State Attorney, Mr. Satz has successfully fought for legislation to increase penalties for vehicular and vessel homicide; classify "GHB" as a controlled substance and to reschedule "roofies" as a dangerous drug. Mr. Satz was also instrumental in the creation of laws that provide criminal penalties for the abuse, neglect and exploitation of elderly persons and disabled adults and laws that increase penalties for drivers who fail to stop and remain at the scene of an accident which results in serious injury or death.

 For his efforts and service, Mr. Satz has been recognized by a host of prominent organizations.

     In 2010, he was presented with the University of Miami Law School Alumni Association’s annual ‘Alumni Achievement Award’.

    In 2007, Mr. Satz was honored by the Anti-Defamation League and presented with their annual ‘Jurisprudence Award’ and he was also recognized for his efforts in starting Broward’s Sexual Assault Treatment Center. 

    In 2006, Mr. Satz was presented with Leadership Broward’s annual ‘Profile in Leadership Award’.  

    In 2003, Mr. Satz received from Legal Aid Service of Broward their ‘Community Safety Award’, which specifically recognized his "concern for and commitment to providing those in need with access to justice."

    In 2001, Mr. Satz was presented the Lynn Futch Professionalism In Practice Award by the Broward County Bar Association.

In 2000, Mr. Satz was presented the ‘Heart Award’ by the Broward County Children’s Consortium for his commitment and service to children of our community. He also received the 1998 ‘Sharon Solomon Advocate Award’ in commemoration of the late child advocate Sharon Solomon’s unselfish devotion to the public good.

    During his career, Mr. Satz has been recognized by several prestigous organizations such as; the Broward Bar Association, the B’Nai B’rith Justice Unit #5207 and the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association.

    In 1992, Mr. Satz received a special proclamation from Florida Governor Lawton Chiles in recognition for having achieved the highest total conviction rate for trials and guilty pleas in the state, a high standard his office works hard to maintain.

Mr. Satz served as honorary chairman of the American Cancer Society's ‘Jail and Bail’ fundraiser in 2001, and founded the Cancer Society's ‘Up the River’ fundraising cruise in 2002, an annual event he continues to co-chair each summer.