Procedures and Requirements for filing a Worthless Check Complaint with the Broward State Attorney’s Office


We must receive the complaint through the method of case presentation and within the statute of limitations for dishonored checks listed below:

Amount/type check

Degree of offense

Method of presentation

Statute of limitations

$150 or more and goods and services are rendered at the same time or after check is received

3rd-degree felony

Felony, through detective of police from the jurisdiction check was received or mailed from

3 years from date check was written or delivered

Less than $150 or goods and services are delivered or rendered before the check is received (in which case the amount is irrelevant)

1st degree misdemeanor


2 years from the date the check was written or delivered

Less than $150 on which payment has been stopped

2nd degree misdemeanor


1 year from the date the check was written or delivered

Any disposition of the case will include a request by this office for restitution for all losses as provided by law. This office cannot guarantee payment of that restitution.

In certain instances you may wish to proceed civilly, see section 68.065 Florida Statute. In a civil action the maker of the check could be liable for triple the amount of the check, plus collection fees.

If the maker of the check offers restitution, do not agree to drop the charges. The state may still pursue prosecution even if restitution is paid in part or in full.

Here are some contact numbers to file worthless check charges:

Misdemeanor: Central Courthouse (954) 831-8439
South Courthouse (954) 831-0340
North Courthouse (954) 831-1250
West Courthouse (954) 831-2350